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A large portion of gaming on single-board computers is done through emulation. Emulation requires ROMs, and for said emulation to work you need the correct ROMs.

For the most part, a typical user will have ROMs that have been verified by No-Intro, Redump, MAME, or some other preservation group. The problem is that some users may have ROMs that do not work in their chosen emulator, which then raises the question of if the ROMs are incorrect.

The point of this documentation is to explain how to verify your ROMs are correct, which is especially important when dealing with arcade emulation.


The purpose of DATs you may find within arcade documentation, generated by arcade emulators, or on preservation sites like No-Intro's DAT-o-MATIC or Redump is to verify that the ROMs you have obtained are correct. When used with a verification program, DATs make short work of verifying, renaming, and even reassembling arcade ROMs so that they work with specific arcade emulators.

Below you will find various DATs for arcade emulators, consoles, handhelds, and computers that are commonly run on typical SBCs. If one of the Arcade ROM Sets is marked "Active" then the DAT may be out of date if in a ZIP, while if a ROM Set is marked "Frozen" then it should be up to date if it is in a ZIP: all direct links to DATs should be up-to-date. The version of the ROM Set the emulator uses is listed to the right alongside the CHD version, and in the cases of the FBN/FBA ones the FBN/FBA ROM Set version and the MAME ROM Set version it is associated with.

Make sure you update any active arcade emulator from Source on your SBC at the same time you download its DAT so that they match.

For reference, here is the CHD version history. Source

  • CHD v1 - MAME 0.63
  • CHD v2 - MAME 0.70u1
  • CHD v3 - MAME 0.77u1
  • CHD v4 - MAME 0.130u1
  • CHD v5 - MAME 0.145u1

Arcade - FBN/FBA

FBN (Libretro Core) (Active) - Current FBN - Current MAME (Usually)

FBA 2012 (Libretro Core) (Frozen) - FBA - MAME 0.149

Arcade - MAME

MAME 2000 (Libretro Core) (Frozen) - MAME 0.37b5

MAME 2003 (Libretro Core) (Frozen) - MAME 0.78 - CHD v3

MAME 2003 Plus (Libretro Core) (Active) - MAME 0.78 - CHD v3

MAME 2010 (Libretro Core) (Frozen) - MAME 0.139 - CHD v4

MAME 2015 (Libretro Core) (Frozen) - MAME 0.160 - CHD v5

MAME 2016 (Libretro Core) (Frozen) - MAME 0.174 - CHD v5

Arcade - AdvanceMAME

AdvanceMAME v0.94 (Frozen) - MAME 0.94 - CHD v3

AdvanceMAME v1.4 (Frozen) - MAME 0.106 - CHD v3

AdvanceMAME v3.9 (Active) - Up-To-Date Source - MAME 0.106 - CHD v3

Arcade - Raspberry Pi 3/3B

All-in-One Overclocked RPi3B Arcade ROM Set Setup v1.10 (Custom)

RetroPie Forum Post

What I hope people will use this for is a starting point for an arcade collection that runs well on an overclocked RPi3B or stock RPi3B+. I don't plan to update this as I have other things to attend to, but I hope it saves someone some time.